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Distil Cloud CDN

Distil Cloud CDN

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Distil Appliance

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Theft Bots

Block Bots From Siphoning Away Your Data & Revenue
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Fraud Bots

Are Dumping Garbage Data on Your Website
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“Distil provides rich information on malicious bot traffic for our video sites to identify fraudulent traffic. Our clients love the results.”
“As an MLS, it is our duty to protect the copyrighted real estate data for our brokers and we can confidently say our property data are protected with Distil Networks.”
“We need Distil to keep our content from being stolen. Great product that is simple to use and configure.”
“Hosting cost savings has virtually covered the additional expense for Distil (So it pays for itself)”
“Distil Networks is a trusted partner and provides an invaluable service. Across all of our 20+ newspaper sites, Distil Networks keeps our content and data safe and improves our content delivery.”
“We're pleasing our customers and chasing away the big threat to our business model, all for zero-add to our cost structure.”
“Distil is a must for any content publisher that makes money with their content or banner ads and needs control as to where that content appears or how it's used.”
Michael Hyman CEO
Cameron Hurnard Director Data Services
Andrei Zimiles CEO
Scott Murphy
Brandon Allhands Director of Information Technology
Chris Corriveau CTO

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Up to 60% of your website traffic could be bots! These non-human visitors are automated attacks responsible for fraud, data theft, and slowing down your website performance.

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