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Why Does Google Still Reward Content Scraping?

BuzzFeed“On Jan. 16, The Verge published a story about the past and current state of the American arcade industry. It was nearly 8,000 words long, beautifully laid out, and accompanied by a TV-quality video documentary.

On the 21st, The Huffington Post published a short post with a link to the story. It contained only a snippet of intro text, taken directly from the original post. Its headline was almost identical: “The Life And Death Of The American Arcade” to The Verge’s “For Amusement Only: The life and death of the American arcade.” Yet, after the 21st, if you tried to search for this story using any number of reasonable queries, including “life and death of the american arcade,” the first result on Google was the Huffington Post version. The Verge’s version didn’t even crack the first page in Google News.”

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Posted January 24th, 2013 by John Herrman on BuzzFeed

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